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Now that Spring is in full swing, the birds are chirpin’ and music fills the air, I was thinking about what a happy season it is. I’ve been inspired to start writing some happy music myself and hope to share some soon! In the meantime, here’s my new favorite song that I heard for the first time on a recent trip to the Virgin Islands to visit my sister. Hope you like it!

Wayfarer Cover small
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The following is one of my favorite poems by Robert Hayden, the wonderful Baha’i poet after whom I am named and after whom I gain inspiration. It’s entitled “Full Moon,” and I am currently in the process of putting some of it to music. Enjoy!

Full Moon, by Robert Hayden

No longer throne of a goddess to whom we pray,
no longer the bubble house of childhood’s
tumbling Mother Goose man,

The emphatic moon ascends –
the brilliant challenger of rocket experts,
the white hope of communications men.

Some I love who are dead
were watchers of the moon and knew its lore;
planted seeds, trimmed their hair,

Pierced their ears for gold hoop earrings
as it waxed or waned.
It shines tonight upon their graves.

And burned in the garden of Gethsemane,
its light made holy by the dazzling tears
with which it mingled.

And spread its radiance on the exile’s path
of Him who was The Glorious One,
its light made holy by His holiness.

Already a mooted goal and tomorrow perhaps
an arms base, a livid sector,
the full moon dominates the dark.

How easy it is to start something! Some people say that the hardest part of any endeavor is just getting started and taking the first step, but I beg to differ. I compare the beginning of any journey to talking. Most people are pretty good at talking, and most people are pretty good at setting out on a journey. It’s exciting, it’s new and unexplored. But then the hard work begins. The slope gets steeper, the sweat pours down, and your will is tested, often to the point of making you turn around and head back down that mountain. But just as words (talking) are dependent upon actions (to prove their worth), the beginning of an endeavor is dependent upon its end. In the case of my music, I am finally ready to take the final step of this particular project (the China, ProSoul Project), finishing the artwork and printing the physical cds to share with the world (even if it’s a small world at this point). The satisfaction that comes with finishing something is immense, no matter how big or small the endeavor. Soon I will have finished the four-track cd called “the good i,” and then it’ll be time for the next journey, maybe a much longer one.

Until then, thanks for listening!


Hey y’all,

I wanted to share my fourth and final recorded song with you, entitled ‘Cry Out.’ Most of the lyrics are taken from a poem my sister Chelan wrote for me after getting fired from my first job in New York City. That firing led to some pretty great things though, including me getting married, so there’s yet another example of how seeing the end in the beginning can always help us feel grateful, even for the ‘bad’ stuff. The main theme of the song is simply joy, and cryin out that joy at the top of our lungs. Thanks Chelan for the lyrics and thanks Jarome for the great production! Enjoy!!

Hey there! I’m excited to share my third track with you all, called ‘Wayfarer.’ I used the word ‘Wayfarer’, not only because it is one of my favorites, but also because there is no other word that better describes a traveller, something we all are in one way or another. The main idea of this song is simply turning to the light, even when the darkness beckons. Decisions constantly surround us, and it’s not always easy to know which way to turn. I hope this song can inspire everyone in little ways or big ways!

You can take a listen right here:

Hey there! Thanks for takin’ the time to check out the site and listen to the tunes. There will be more coming soon!

For music to be genuine it’s gotta have feeling, but the inspiration that provides the feeling and leads to melodies and words that become an awesome song, isn’t always there in abundance. Those moments when you feel like a pure channel for creative inspiration must be cherished, ’cause they don’t come along every day. Now that October – a month that is pretty inspiring across the board – is ending, and November is on its way, I was reflecting on how life, much like the seasons, has a lot of ‘normal’ moments, kind of like November. It’s not spectacular like October or May, but it’s there, and it’s a link from one amazing month to the next. I think our ‘flatter’ moments in life, when that inspiration may not be at its highest peak, are also links from one high point to the next, and are absolutely necessary. Those high points may be few and far between, but there’s always there, and I think if we can try and take my good friend David Hunt’s advice, we would be just fine, “Life may not turn out just like you imagined, but as long as your movin’ you’re doin’ fine.”

Keep movin’!


Out of the four songs I recorded at ProSoul Studios in Beijing, ‘Wake Up’ wasn’t even on the list in the beginning. But after hearing a few ideas my producer Jarome had for it, it started sounding pretty great. In the end, it is definitely one of the best and I hope you feel the same!

the lyrics of ‘Wake Up’ ask a lot of questions, such as ‘Why can’t I walk slowly through this world and have no fear? Why can’t I make my insecurity disappear?’

For me, these questions question the way our society is structured and they way we are conditioned to be a certain way, have certain fears, and not fulfill our full potential. ‘Wake Up’ also touches on the theme of human nature and how we generally hear the term ‘human nature’ and think of something bad. It’s very common to hear someone say “Oh, that’s just human nature,” after seeing someone do something bad. I hope that this song can be a step in the direction of people seeing something good and saying “Yeah, that’s human nature!”



Hey hey, it’s been a bit since I last wrote, and although I did have internet access during my two-week trip to the US, it was usually quite shoddy. On a 10-hour bus trip from Memphis to Chicago I really hoped to get a lot of work done on the computer, and since Megabus boasts free wifi on its buses, I thought I was good to go. But alas, for those ten hours the net worked for a total of one minute. At least that one minute allowed me to get directions to our hotel in Chicago that I had forgotten to get back in Memphis. Alls well that ends well.

As far as music goes, being in Memphis was very exciting and inspiring. Not only is it the birthplace of rock’n’roll, but they say that when tracing the roots of American music, all roads lead to Memphis. After visiting Graceland, Sun Studios (the building where rock’n’roll was born) and Beale St., the city had won me over. You can’t walk outside in Memphis without aromas of BBQ filling your nostrils and blues notes reaching your ears. The place is special, and I hope you can visit if you haven’t already.

Now back in Italy, the inspiration from the trip has gotten me back into writing mode, and hopefully some new tunes will come out of it. Soon I’ll be posting my next track on the site, entitled ‘Wake Up.’ I’m really excited about the production on it, so I hope you are too. Keep an eye out for it!


I hope you’re all enjoying my first song! I wanted to share a little about the inspiration and ideas that led to its creation.

In general, the song talks about my spiritual battles (but they could be anyone’s) and the struggle to stay in the light and reflect the higher nature of humanity. The first verse reflects my love for life right from the start, never wanting to waste even a moment of this precious life, and the desire to make my own mark on this world, rather than just becoming a result of the ‘changes and chances’ of a world like a ‘house on fire.’ The latter reference is taken from a pome written by Robert Hayden, my namesake. You can read about his life and poetry here: http://www.bahai.us/2008/02/21/robert-hayden-bahai-and-first-black-poet-laureate/

The chorus of the song is inspired by a passage from the ‘Four Valleys,’ where its Author, Baha’u’llah, states, “Love is a light that never dwelleth in a heart possessed by fear.”

The title of the song is somewhat of a play on words, and could either be read, “Don’t love fear,” or “Choose love instead of fear.” You probably already reached that conclusion though. This theme is so critical if we want to keep moving forward in life. How often are we completely held back and blocked by our fear? And what an incredible and admirable thing it is to overcome that fear and replace it with love or light (maybe especially when that fear is directed toward others for no good reason).

I could go on and on here, but by now you have the basic gist of the song. You can also make your own interpretation as it pertains to your own life.




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